Why did they Choose Islam Disc 1


This DVD consists of the reversion stories of 2 people.
Watch how they found Islam and how they reverted back to Islam.

Find out why a young 20 year old man chose to leave the religion of his family and gave up partying and chasing his desires to enter Islam.

The second video is about a unique “GREEK GUY” Andreas Tzortzis who Grew up in a Ruff and tough Neighborhood where he ended up joining a Chinese Gang called the 14K.

He Loved the ladies, Music, going out and having fun, he went to University and was a top student but still after all that he knew something was missing in life, he couldn't get rid of the void in his heart and didn't have peace.

All that was about to Change when he went to a “BOAT PARTY” looking for a good time.

This Story will not only have you laughing but also Crying at the same time, as you see the host Eddie get emotional at one point in the interview from this AMAZING story that you don't want to miss watching. A Truly Amazing Story you have to watch! Enjoy

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