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Islam is one of the world’s largest religions yet it is also one of the most misunderstood. For various reasons – be they political, economic, biased media or fear of the “other” – mistruths and misconceptions have been spread about Islam. The key to understanding Islam and Muslims is to resist stereotypes and examine each situation according to Islamic teachings and authentic sources.

Are you interested to know more about Islam and Muslims? Please take a look at the questions and answers given below related to the misconceptions about Islam. If you want to know more, then you can ask a Muslim about Islam via email or telephone.

These are things that every Muslim must believe. A person who doubts any of these things cannot be considered a Muslim. These articles of faith are:

Islam emphasizes that God is One, The Creator of all that exists, and He is unique in every way. only God has the right to be worshipped.

The angels are creation of God. God created them from light. They are powerful and always do precisely as they are commanded by God.

Muslims believe in all of the original scriptures revealed by God to His different Messengers (Peace be upon them). A Muslim must believe in every scripture mentioned by God in the Qur’an. God revealed them, and they are the actual word of God. The scriptures that God mentions in the Qur’an are as follows:

    1. The original Scrolls as revealed to Abraham
    2. The original Torah as revealed to Moses
    3. The original Psalms as revealed to David
    4. The original Injeel (Gospel of Jesus) as revealed to Jesus
    5. The Qur’an as revealed to Muhammad (which is still available in its original form) (Peace be upon them all)

According to the Qur’an, people have distorted the previous scriptures for their own worldly gain. What remains of them is a mixture of truth and contamination introduced by man ie truth from God and contamination from man. Although Muslims believe in all the previous books, they only live and are guided by the Qur’an and the authentic traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

The Prophets and Messengers were individuals who received Revelation from God and conveyed it to mankind. They were sent to humanity to return people to monotheism and to guide them to the path of salvation. None of the Prophets and Messengers share in any part of God’s Divinity. They were merely human beings. It is forbidden for a Muslim to worship them or to use them as a conduit to God. A Muslim should never invoke them, make supplications to them, or seek God’s Mercy and Forgiveness through them. All such acts are polytheistic, and anyone who engages in them is outside the fold of Islam as taught by every single Messenger.

All Muslims must believe, without doubt, in the Day of Judgment and the physical resurrection when the body will be re-created and the soul will be reunited with the body by God’s unlimited and amazing power. Just as God created us the first time, He is surely able to bring us forth from death to stand in perfect judgment before Him. From the Day of Judgment, death will be no longer; our existence will be forever. The Day of Judgment is when each and every individual will stand before the Creator and be questioned about his or her deeds. On that day, we will each see in detail the results of even the smallest good and the smallest evil we have set forth in this life. On this day, lying and deception will be impossible. The ultimate reward is Paradise and the penalty is Hell. Heaven and Hell are literal places of existence, not a figment of imagination.

God, in His Timelessness, knows everything that goes on in His creation and when it occurs. From the perspective of temporal beings like us, this means that God knows everything that happened in the past through His All-Encompassing Knowledge, everything that is now taking place by His Supreme Power, and everything that will happen in the future by His Infinite Wisdom. God’s Divine Knowledge is Perfect. He knows all, and all that He knows will come to pass.

God Has Absolute Sovereignty over His creation. Everything that exists within His creation and every event that occurs is a direct result of His Creating it. Nothing happens in creation except by His Power, His Will, and His Knowledge.

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