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Islam-Australia Incorporation is a non-profit organization (based in Perth ) dedicated to share the true teachings of Islam with non-Muslims and to provide social & spiritual services to new Muslims. We strive (to the best of our ability) to adhere to the true teachings of Islam at all times.

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Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah,

The Dawa Team concluded the last 2 weeks of Nov with the regular stalls at Murray Street Mall and Old Perth Road Markets

This is what the team had to say of their experience this time.

Old Perth Road Markets

"Alhamdulillah as usual the twilight markets have higher volume of people that come through, we had people stop to read the poster, while some approached the table to have a look. Alhamdulillah it has become so common for us to be there that people don't seem to hesitate as much as we used to experience in the past. Familiar faces (previously taken material) pass by waving, saying hello, and have people from all ages and backgrounds approach the table asking what material we would suggest. There weren’t any long conversations this weekend. Barak Allahu fyk"

Murray Street Mall - Morning Session

" Myself and Abu Obaida handled the morning session which was fairly busy with all types of people enquiring about Islam from Scientists, Doctors, Atheists, Agnostics, Christians, as well as some Muslims. Altogether it was a very interesting and eventful morning. May Allah guide all those who were interested to Islam and forgive us for any mistakes we may have made inshallah", Musa Bennett.

Afternoon Session

" Bismillah. Alhamdulillah it was a nice bright day and people were out in good numbers. The first couple of hours were really busy. Many, Muslims and Non-Muslims dropped in just to stay they were glad to see us there. The quiz as usual attracted many people and we gave away a lot of literature and English translations of the noble Quran. May Allah accept from all involved and guide those who visited us or looked at us and those who deserve guidance, Ameen. Little 7 year olds Mariyam Nabi and Mariya Nabi also had their first dawah table Alhamdulillah.
Jazakallahkhair, Wassalam." Faisal Nabi

Islam-Australia Team\
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Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah, The Dawa Team concluded the last 2 weeks of Nov with the regular stalls at Murray Street Mall and Old Perth Road Markets This is what the team had to say of their exp...

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Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah,

Update from Basant Festival 5th Nov 2016
Participants: Hafiz Rasheed & Sahril Gani

"A lady came and was interested to see the quiz board. she said it was a good idea and did all the quizzes. She only got 2 incorrect answers, and told us that she already had the Quran and Woman in Islam book.

We had a very interesting discussion with a Jewish man who said that all religion has many sects and each of them will say that they are the truth. He also did mention that the Torah has been altered and there are changes being made over time. We explained to him about the preservation of the Deen (religion), primarily the Quran and Sunnah (Traditions of our Prophet SAW). He did not go away empty handed and took with him a few books"

Hafiz Rasheed

Update by Sahril Gani
"It was a warm day but alhamdulillah our stall was located in a building. At 3pm we're ready but the crowd only peaked from 5pm onward. The crowd were a mixture of both Muslims and Non-Muslims. Alhamdulillah we give away 13 Quran and few other books on the day. May Allah guide them all, Ameen"

Sahril Gani
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Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah, Update from Basant Festival 5th Nov 2016 Participants: Hafiz Rasheed & Sahril Gani "A lady came and was interested to see the quiz board. she said it was a good idea...

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Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah,

Update from Murray Street Mall, Perth (Saturday 29th October 2016)
Participants: Faisal Nabi, Abu Obaidah, Ali Shariff, & Sahril Gani

Update by Faisal Nabi (Morning Session):


We set our table up on what turned out to be a windy and wet session for nearly half the time . The crowds as a result were thinner than usual. However, alhamdulillah we had our usual share of all visitor types and we did our
best to convey the message of Islam and answer any queries to the best of our ability. May Allah accept from all involved and guide to the truth those who visited our stall, looked at it or otherwise sincerely seek the truth, aamin.


Update by Sahril Gani (Afternoon Session):

It was a beautiful day and the rain had stopped. We started the afternoon shift slow but then visitors started to approach the table and we managed to have
great conversations with all of them. 2 individuals, dressed in hip hop clothing, approached the table and saw a cd by Napoleon (ex hip hop artist). They were
very interested and took away more information about Islam too. More visitors kept on coming in as the sun started to shine more and they were asking questions about Islam. Overall we managed to give away lots of Quran. Alhamdulillah.


Islam-Australia Team
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Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah, Update from Murray Street Mall, Perth (Saturday 29th October 2016) Participants: Faisal Nabi, Abu Obaidah, Ali Shariff, & Sahril Gani Update by Faisal Nabi (Morning S...

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Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah,

Murray Street Mall, Perth (Saturday 24th September 2016)
Participants: Faisal Nabi, Abu Obaidah, Ali Shariff, Ajmal Nabi & Sahril

Update by Faisal Nabi (Morning Session):

Alhamdulillah it turned out to be a very busy session with several good lengthy interactions right from the start. Again the visitors were of all types: atheists, agnostics, Christians, a Buddhist, a Hindu, Muslims, young and old, male & female, one aboriginal, some browns, mostly white - Subhan Allah. One well groomed Caucasian gentlemen dropped in just to say he did not want any literature but it was good to see us there. Several others expressed the same sentiment, that we were doing the right thing by being there.

Br Abu Obaidah made exemplary use of the quiz to get many good discussions going. MashaAllah. Many visitors said they had always wanted a Quran (translation) & we were only too glad to hand out copies . A travelling English young adult seemed quite open and convinced, may Allah guide him to the truth. Some Muslim tourists wanted to know about the nearest halaal outlet and masjid location. Our assertion to a visitor that pork is not permitted under the shariah of Moses (pbuh) which Jesus (pbuh) followed and all Christians must follow left him at a loss of words. One of the last visitors was an elderly Christadelphian who kept equating Islam with actions of some Muslims and we tried to correct that perception. All in all a very satisfying Dawah day alhamdulillah. May Allah accept from all involved and guide to the truth those who seek it sincerely, aamin. Though the day was quite cold, the rain held off which was good walhamdulillah.


Update by Sahril Gani (Afternoon Session):

Alhamdulillah, it was a busy afternoon and the weather was good.

I was explaining the Evolution of the Bible to a man when a Christian lady cuts in and asked me how do I know about it? I told her that the Quran has mentioned that the scripture were given to previous Messengers & Prophets but were not preserved in its original form. Almighty God then sent the last Messenger (Muhammad peace be upon him) and this time, Allah has promised to preserve it (Quran 15:9). We then proceeded to the topic of Jesus where she believed that he is God and has appeared in her dreams. I replied to her by saying that I love Jesus (PBUH) too but only as a prophet and that the Quran is the proof. We highlighted to her the attributes of Jesus in the Bible where he was born from a woman, eats and sleep like a man, and prays to God like a man is telling us that he is definitely not God. We asked her where in the Bible does it say Jesus is God. She then took out her phone, maybe googling the topic. After waiting for a moment, she finally showed the verse from the Bible John 10:30 (I and the Father are one). We soon clarified to her that for Muslims that verse only means that Jesus and Almighty God were one in purpose i.e. Jesus only did what God wanted him to do, so in that sense they were one. Few other verses of the Bible were discussed.

A Brazilian tourist stopped by, and took some books from us. He said thank you for the information but will appreciate more if there's a Portuguese translation of the Quran.

An European tourist lady took some books about Islam. She said her parents give her the liberty to choose her own religion. She appreciated the information that was given to her but then she said probably she got no time to read all of it after taking so many books. We told her to take her own time to read it and suggested to her that she can start in the plane during her flight home. She smiled and thanked us once again.
May Allah guide her to the Truth.

A French man came over and took the Islamic Pop Quiz and he answered correctly to all of it. He explained that he knows the stories about the Khalifahs and even pronounced their names correctly. He is also very familiar with the stories about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). I asked him if he is a Muslim and he said No. I asked him again whether he believes that Prophet Muhammad is a messenger from God and this is where he stopped and thinks about it. He then moved on and said that the Muslim empire is similar with the Romans where they conquered and forced religion to their subjects. We replied to him that no Muslim army stepped foot in the Malay Archipelago and instead it was the Arab traders and their good morals which played a big part in the conversion of the region from Hinduism to Islam. His knowledge about the Islamic history and how it spreads in the middle east surprised us. May Allah guide him.

Islam-Australia Team
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Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah,


Participants: Hafiz Rashid & Sahril Gani
Henna By: Sister Sara

It started slow in the early morning, but the weather has been good throughout the day.

Few stop overs from passer-by for the Quran. One lady asked if the translation is trustworthy. And we said Yes. She understands the need to have a trustworthy translation and asked again why the book is so small and if all the chapters are in the book? We said Yes again and clarified that it is the complete Translation of the Quran and the reason it was printed small was to make it easy to carry like a pocket book. She confessed that she is an Atheist and has been studying different religions throughout her life. May Allah guide her to the Truth.

Few people took the Islamic Pop Quiz and conversations were created from there. Most of them left with either the Quran Translation or some other books that explain Islam briefly. May Allah guide them all.

The Henna table got busy from 10.30am till finish but we're glad it didn't cause a long queue. There was steady flow of henna customers throughout the day. The free Henna designs makes the parents stop by and we manage to recommend few books to them and explains a little about Islam and our presence. Alhamdulillah, The Henna table works out well as per our intention.

We got a few stops with compliments from those passing by the stall. They were saying that what we're doing is good and they do appreciate our Dawah stall presence walhamdulillah. Even Our Muslim Turkish food stall neighbour didn't forget us. We received some complimentary snacks from him for breakfast. May Allah bless him.

Islam Australia Dawa Team
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Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah,

Its now september and looking back to August Islam Australia volunteers were busy with 4 dawa stalls, mashAllah.

Below short summaries and some photos to share our experience with you.

Edith Cowan University Open Day (Mt. Lawley Campus) - SUNDAY 14th August
Participants: Muhammad Altaf, Elmi Omar & Abdullah Altaf

The event wasn't too busy and various stalls were scattered all over the
Campus. Our stall was quiet and only had about half a dozen interested
people who stopped by for a brief discussion or to take away free material.

Ballajura Community Fair (Ballajura) - SUNDAY 21st August
Participants: Akram Mohammed & Wife, Sr. Nermina.

Alhamdulillah the weather turned out quite well on the day but it was
relatively quiet compared to the other events we attended. Alhamdulillah we
had kids, couples and families come up and take material. We had a good
conversation with a Mecodonian family who weren't practicing but were soo
longing to get more knowledge to the extent the father said he would like
some information in his own language and we refered him to our Islam
Australia contact details so he can request some assistance in getting that

Old Perth Road Market (Bassendean) - SUNDAY 28th August
Participants: Faisal Nabi & Deny Nugraha


Alhamdulillah it was a good dawah day. An affable agnostic commented he
teaches his daughters to be good in manners and respectful to all. An
elderly lady discussed hejab and women in Islam. Another elderly agnostic
wanted to know if there is God why is there so much suffering? We answered
to the best of our ability and guidance is in Allah's hands alone. A lady
wanted to know when is the next masjid open day so she can visit and we gave
her Islam-Australia's contact details & website. The Sikh family running the
Indian food stall wanted dawah materials for a friend of theirs and served
us complimentary hot tea, much needed on the chilly and windy day. With two
visitors we volunteered this - "No, we do not know who Isis are, before you
asked and it is not Islam" which took them aback a little bit before they
smiled. There were 4 visits by our friends from the Christian stall , 3
posing rather irreverent comments disguised as questions and we responded as
best we could.

May Allah guide to the truth all those who visited our stall or passed by
and accept this humble effort from everyone involved, aamin.

Edith Cowan University Open Day (Bunbury Campus) - SUNDAY 28th August
Participants: Abuobaidah, Elmi Omar & Abdullah Altaf

The weather turned out to be just right Alhamdulillah. Our stall was busy
and many people visited us. We had some gift packs ready (i.e. few books,
dvds and Quran translation in the brown carry bags) and this helped - we
gave away around 25 bags alhamdulillah.
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Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah, Its now september and looking back to August Islam Australia volunteers were busy with 4 dawa stalls, mashAllah. Below short summaries and some photos to share our e...

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1) A brother in Perth who picked up Dawa material (for non-Muslims) in the past from our city stall called last Saturday and explained that a lady is willing to enter Islam. She was referred to Sr. Calisha (Convert Sisters Group - Perth Ummah Centre). Confirmation received that the shahada took place on Monday.

2) Sr. Nasirah (Islam-Australia’s email coordinator) received an email last week as follows…

"I just wanted to thank you again Nasirah for all you very kind time, trouble and help, which I really do appreciate. I have made my declaration of faith shahada in June and am extremely happy to have committed myself to the faith of Islam.

I found a lot of help through the Islamic Online University, which has some outstanding courses for new Muslims, which provided me with a foundation to work from, although I know I have a long journey to go.

Once again thank you so much."

3) A Dawa group in Brisbane (supported by Islam-Australia) sent the following messages recently:

"13th August: young Aboriginal man took shahada and accepted Islam in South Bank

6th August: Allahu Akbar!
People entering Islam despite all negative media propaganda.
Young lady from Chile, South America took shahada and accepted Islam in South Bank, Brisbane.
Ask Allah to keep her steadfast"

4) Allahu Akbar! Just received from Murdoch Uni MSA President ...

"Masha Allah we also had one young Aboriginal brother accept Islam a few months ago at the Murdoch Dawa table with the material provided by Islam Australia, he is now living in a house with some Muslim brothers.

We ask Allah (SWT) to accept the efforts from one and all. And we ask Allah (SWT) to make the transition easy for the new Muslims."

Islam-Australia Inc.
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Edith Cowan University Open Day (Joondalup Campus) - SUNDAY 17th July 2016

Participants: Faisal Nabi & Sahril Gani

The rain stopped and the Sun was out as if on cue just about 2 minutes before the official event start time of 10 am. Alhamdulillah. What followed was a busy dawah day with free literature and English translations of the Glorious Quran flying off the table. Alhamdulillah. This was made possible by the very proactive approach and easy mannerism of Br Sahril and the free henna offer. Br Sahril stood at the front of the stall virtually all day actively greeting passers by with "can I give you some information about
Islam?", "do you know much about Islam?", etc. Brothers/sisters , I learnt something -the approach works. The henna table once again attracted an unending crowd of patrons from the moment we set it up to well past the finish time of 3 pm. The diligence and patience shown by the sister who virtually worked non stop without a break was inspiring . May Allah accept from her.

The visitors were as usual both non Muslim and Muslim. One young Christian lady had a long discussion with us . When asked what she thought shariah meant her response - " something to do with violence" which we then tried to clarify for her. Another middle aged gentlemen wanted to know if he will be attacked if he goes to Middle East . Another lady asked can Christians set up a table like ours in Muslim lands. We explained to her the Islamic position and that the purpose of Dawah table is to provide authentic information about Islam. A Muslim lady wanted literature for her wayward
brother. Many Muslims wanted to know if the ECU campus had a musalla.

Alhamdulillah, overall it turned out to be a very satisfying dawah day. May Allah accept from all involved and guide to the truth those who visited us or looked at our stall and all those who deserve guidance, aamin.
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Participants: Akram Hersi & wife Nermina Jakupovic

Alhamdulillah - all went well. There were a lot of families with kids present and had people take material. We did have a very long conversation with a guy named David (in his mid 30's and dressed formal) who approached our table and we asked how we could help, he didn't answer and signaled me to come closer to him. When I stood up next to him he whispered "You should
pack-up and go home.." and "...Islam doesn't belong here..".

In a nutshell he started as above, but once we queried him why and who he was, we understood that he was a Christian who was trying to argue that Islam is aggressive and barbaric while the Spanish inquisition and crusades were self-defense and that they should happen again. He admitted he was against multiculturalism and was trying refer to what's happening in Iraq to the extent he said "You must have been at least excited of ISIL when it first came..". Eventually, we were able to draw the topic to the Purpose of Life, Tawheed and Salvation. We had got to a point where we agreed to disagree and he departed but in a much better way then that which he came with at the beginning.
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Participants: Musa Bennett, AbuObaidah & Ali Shariff

Update by Br. AbuObaidah (Morning Shift):

Alhamdulillah the dawah stall was a really successfully day.

We have had many good talks with many people in the city. We came across a man who is a Jehovah witness and studies the root words of languages which also played a role for him to believe that Prophet Muhammad is a Prophet, but sees that prophet Isa is the way(may Allah guide him) .

We had many people who were curious of the stance of women in Islam and the history of Islam.

Br Musa Bennett had an informative conversation with a man who wanted to understand who Prophet Muhammad was and the difference between Christianity and Islam.

Update by Br. Ali (Afternoon Shift):

Alhamdulillah for another opportunity to do dawah in the heart of Perth City, Murray street mall. It is an excellent location to meet and discuss with many people with different background and beliefs. The brothers in the morning shift had to endure heavy rainfall - Alhamdulillah for the blessing of rain.

The afternoon shift started with off clearing sky and a ray of sunshine. Br Musa had a discussion with an elderly couple for over 3 hours and he was very much in need to take a break after going overtime in his shift. Br Abuobaida continued on with the afternoon shift completing the full day.

This was the day for long discussion it seemed. Majority of the people who stopped by engaged in lengthy discussions. Alhamdulillah for the blessing of Ramadhan. Some of the highlights in the afternoon were:-

An elderly man accompanied with a young lady visited the stall. He picked up an English translation of the Quran and we told him that that is the final testament/message sent to mankind revealed to Muhammad (SAW) through the arch angel Gabriel. It’s the same message of all the other Prophets i.e. to worship one God. He said he believes in Jesus (AS) and believes he is a prophet and when he says father its something of respect like an obedient son but one needs to believe in him to attain salvation. We asked him who said that? He said Jesus. We asked how do you know? He said it is in the bible? We asked what is the bible? He said the book of God. We ask hasn’t the bible been changed? He said not the meaning, it is the same just changed into English. We told him but the bible has been changed, parts were omitted and other added. We asked who has the authority to change God’s words. If God revealed it then its perfect, how then can man change God’s words. He remained silent for a few seconds and asked what about this (English translation of the Quran) has it not been changed to English? We told him the Quran in the Arabic text is the same anywhere you go in the world. Never changed and is protected to the last day by God. It has been translated into many different languages so that the non-Arabic speaking people can benefit from its message. If we want to understand the Quran properly then we would have to learn Arabic. He smiled and said thank you for the Quran copy and as he walked away he said salvation is only through Jesus. We smiled back.

A young man and woman came to the stall and were very happy to see all the books on Islam and that they were all free. The discussion went on and we told him about the three different creations (Human, Angels and Jinns) and about our Father Adam (AS) and how Iblis (Lucifer) deceived our Father (AS) and how this world is just a test and if we do good we will go back to paradise. They listened attentively masha’Allah.

The young lady was very happy to get a copy of the Quran translation and she said she saw one copy in her school library many years ago but was not able to borrow it as it was lost when she came looking for it.

THIS IS ONE AREA WHERE THERE IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO DO DAWAH. If is someone can invest some time research the number of libraries and how many don’t have copies of the English translation of the Quran and how to go about supplying them Islam Australia can provide the copies required and organise delivery. InshaAllah someone can do this and for however long and however many people read that Quran in that library that someone will be getting the reward. What an opportunity.

There were more discussions that took place Alhamdulillah.

We ask Allah (SWT) to accept from us all and those who donated toward getting the dawah material and put it in our scale of good deed. We ask Allah (SWT) to guide us all to the truth and make us stand firm on the truth. We ask Allah (SWT) to forgive us for our shortcomings and if we said anything in error Oh Allah (SWT) send another to clarify our error. Ameen.
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